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Desktop 365 Healthcare Edition – Easy IT Management for the Modern Healthcare Office

The goal of healthcare IT is quite simple, to improve patient care and reduce distress. This is best accomplished by helping caregivers spend more time with patients and less time with the keyboard.  With the volatile changes in healthcare reform and a push for total electronic patient care, this industry has seen many challenges to achieve those goals. To address this, we introduced one of the industry first physician mobility solutions in the market back in 2004 to transform how Healthcare IT is done. Since then, it’s become the standard for healthcare.

Partnering with Citrix, we created an architecture to enable secure, instant access to critical medical data from any where, any device over any network and eliminate the risks and overhead of PC’s. We eliminated many HIPAA risks while drastically improving patient care. Since then, we have worked with major metropolitan hospitals to implement these solutions. In an era where ransomware can end of costing hundreds of thousands and put millions of people at risk, every hospital needs to consider utilizing this proven architecture.

  • Enable people to work from anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Instantly open branch offices anywhere
  • Secure proprietary data and manage employee access
  • Reduce cost & complexity of traditional IT
  • Improve stability and reliability
  • Replace server hardware, software and services with one predictable fixed-cost per/month.
  • Leverage top industry technical talent and Microsoft Certified Engineers.
  • Eliminate need to buy corporate PC’s.
  • Take advantage of the world-class Microsoft’s Azure Platform
  • Eliminate on-premise “data center”

To Get started, it’s quite simple

Phase 1 – Audit

We do an audit of your existing environment to map out what’s there, what’s working, what’s not and any pitfalls that might be worth fixing. Think of it as a really extensive health examination of the existing IT setup done by a team of specialists. Everything from technology, licenses, costs, connectivity, growth plans, business history, workflow etc it all gets a detailed look and personalized review by our top executives.

Phase 2 –  Design & Prep

We remediate any issues we jointly agree that should be addressed. We also complete a design for what the architecture needs to look like to fit exactly within your unique environment.

Phase 3 –  Build

Based on the design, we’ll build out your new infrastructure in the cloud and activate Desktop365.

Phase 4 –  Migrate

Once everything is built and tested, we migrate existing data into the new setup and get everything live. Our expert team will work hand-in-hand through every step to ensure things are successfully switched over and users are on the new platform. This is where we operate as an extended part of your team.