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Complete Cloud Computing Solutions


Desktop 365™ | Veterinary Edition – Designed With Veterinarians For Veterinarians.

Over the last several years we have seen a rapid evolution in the types of technologies used in the veterinary industry. Veterinarians are able to leverage the same kinds of advanced patient care found in most human hospitals.  Desktop 365 Veterinary edition is a platform that’s been used by major veterinary specialty hospitals for over 10 years.  Much of the architecture is attributed to extensive collaboration with leading Veterinarians and IT specialists to provide the veterinary industry a leading IT platform for computing, desktop, storage, collaboration, productivity software, business continuity and more. As a result, Desktop 365 has been successfully utilized in rigorous 24/7 environments, including urgent care and specialty hospitals. It is optimized for the complex workloads and unique access requirements most Veterinary practices require.

The platform is designed to replace depreciating on-premise infrastructure with a total cloud solution. It includes a virtual desktop platform that many customers have leveraged in place of PC’s.  Thus, saving thousands of dollars and lost work hours resulting in buying, maintaining and fixing PC’s/Servers. Imagine never having to buy or upgrade another depreciating PC or wondering how much IT will cost as things start breaking down.

When it comes to services & support, Desktop 365 leads the industry. Just imagine having a team of top talent including Microsoft Certified Engineers, IT specialists, consultants and professional CIO’s managing IT vs the break-fix PC technician most practices end up trying to work with. With the complexity of modern-day computing, Veterinary practices need talented experts with a pro-active mentality not reactive.


Considering eFilm or VetRocket for your practice?

Desktop 365 Veterinary Edition has been designed to integrate with several line-of-business applications taking the guesswork out of shifting to the cloud, extremely simple and cost-effective.

Some of these common applications include Vetrocket, Efilm, EZVet, Animal Intelligence, VIA, DVMAX, Quickbooks and others.


We have teamed with Microsoft, Intel and Citrix to create the industry first subscription model for Veterinary where your entire computing environment can be a simple fixed per-user cost. Predictable costs, pay as you grow,  powerful features backed by top-notch experts. The revolution is here!

Before you spend another dollar fixing existing technical problems, schedule a no-cost 30 min call with our engineering team. We’ll give you a second opinion, and help take the guesswork out of technology so you can get back to patient care

To Get started, it’s quite simple

Phase 1 – Audit

  • We do an audit of your existing environment to map out what’s there, what’s working, what’s not and any pitfalls that might be worth fixing. Think of it as a really extensive health examination of the existing IT setup done by a team of specialists. Everything from technology, licenses, costs, connectivity, growth plans, business history, workflow etc it all gets a detailed look and personalized review by our top executives.

Phase 2 –  Design & Prep

  • We remediate any issues we jointly agree that should be addressed. We also complete a design for what the architecture needs to look like to fit exactly within your unique environment.

Phase 3 –  Build

  • Based on the design, we’ll build out your new infrastructure in the cloud and activate Desktop365.

Phase 4 –  Migrate

  • Once everything is built and tested, we migrate existing data into the new setup and get everything live. Our expert team will work hand-in-hand through every step to ensure things are successfully switched over and users are on the new platform. This is where we operate as an extended part of your team.